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Throwing Light on Homeric Ithaca

Έκθεση του Δημήτρη Παΐζη-Δανιά
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This exhibition is a product of years of research by D. I. Paizis-Danias, the results of which have appeared in his six essays, and  many lectures and articles.

The conclusions are also views and positions of leading archaeologists and scholars, researchers of Ithacan prehistory, such as Marinatos, Paulatos, Kaligas, I. Kakridis, Heurtley, Benton, et al plus more recent and contemporary positions on the subject, while the main corpus adopted by the researcher is based on the thesis of professor of archaeology  Eugenia Vikela presented in her paper Ithaca and the other Ionian from pre-history to the 5th century BC. Convocations and deviations. Odyssey Conference, Ithaca, 2009.

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The exhibition does not in any way attempt to compete or substitute Ithaca’s Museums, but wishes to project specific objects of Odyssean and only, according to the author, reference, that display the unique Homeric physiognomy of the island, which here is the main objective.

The exhibition was inspired, designed and attributed as to the texts and choice of illustrations by D. I.Paizis-Danias, translated into English by Lila Kouvaras-Alimantiri, while graphic processing was done by Giannis Soukis. Lily Varvarigos, Spyros Kouvaras (who named the exhibition), Maria and Ioanna Paizi, Υannis Soukis and Elisabeth  Mc Grath undertook the editing. The work of all involved has been kindly offered to the Ithacans of Ithaca and of the world.

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Printing costs were covered by the “Koinofelis Omilos Stavrou” (Stavros Community Association) who also provided the space.

The exhibition holds under the aegis of the “Koinofelis Omilos Stavrou” and the “Syllogos Filomiron Ithakis” (the island’s Friends of Homer Society) and by other local cultural societies and specifically: ‘‘Koinofelis Omilos Anogis’’, “Koinofelis Omilos  Exoghis’’, “Koinofelis Omilos Ithakis’’,  ‘‘Politistikos Omilos Kioniou’’,  “Koinofelis Omilos Perachoriou’’, “ Koinofelis Omilos Platreithia’’,  ‘‘Ekpolitistikos Syllogos Frikon-Telemachus’’

Author’s biography:
Dimitris I. Paizis-Danias is a former captain in the Greek merchant navy, Director of Shipping companies and a keen amateur homerist. He is a founding member of the ‘Ithacan friends of Homer’ and author of the following books: (A) On Ithaca’s Homeric history: (1) Homer’s Ithaca is the modern island, 2002 (2) The morals of the heroes of the Odyssey, 2004 (3) Homer’s Ithaca on Cephallenia? Facts and fancies in the history of an idea, 2007 (edited in Greek and English), (4) The archaelogical treasures of Ithaca, 2011, (5) A tour on the today’s Homeric Ithaca, 2012 and (6) Light on Homer’s Ithaca (Exhibition’s text)( edited in Greek and English), 2013 and Articles, speeches and letters (unpublished) (B) On Ithaca, general: (1) Ithakesiaka A, 2006, (2) Sea memories, 2008, (3) Ithakesiaka B, 2008, (4) Ithakesiaka C, 2012.

He is Ithacan by birth, but at times he becomes a Cephallenian, according to (the theory of) Kourouklis, (1893), a Doulichian according to Volteras, (1903), Tsimaratos, le Noan (2003-4) and Bittlestone (2005), a micro-Ithacan according to Goekoop (1908), a Samian according to Livadas, Campanis, (1998) Cramer-Metaxas, (2000) and No one in particular – the Homeric ‘outis’ -according to Apostolatos, (2001).

He “hopes” that the exhibition will strengthen the irrefutable right of Ithacesians and of himself to call themselves Ithacesians, in the way that Homer marked their race about 3200 years ago.